On Saturday, February 2, 2013 4:02:46 AM UTC-5, rclough wrote:
>  Hi socr...@bezeqint.net <javascript:> and Craig, and all,
> How can intelligence  be physical ? How can meaning be physical ?
> How can thinking be physical ? How can knowing be physical ?
> How can life or consciousness or free will be physical ?

How can it not?

Because I can move my physical fingers and type these words, and you can 
see these pixels and read them as the same (or very similar) words with 
your physical eyes, we must begin from the position that in fact, the 
universe has no problem whatsoever integrating private conscious experience 
with public bodies. It is our odd position, as human 
beings>animals>organisms>matter that convinces us that the human being 
level and the matter level are irreconcilable. In fact, they are all 
different qualities of experience as seen from a human fisheye lens. The 
inside of inorganic matter is much slower and much faster than the inside 
of a whole human nervous system - it's like comparing a every tiny bubble 
in every glass of beer with a single enormous soap bubble floating lazily 
in odd shapes for decades, covered with iridescent diffraction patterns. 
>From our view, the beer foam lacks the interesting colors and shapes. From 
the view of the beer bubbles...well, we have no idea really if there is a 
view of us from there...like Flatland or the Star Trek with invisible 
high-speed aliens who sound like mosquitoes, we are out of range of their 
micorcosmic/astrophysical (smallest and largest) fisheye view.

To me, physical means real, and real means that it exists within the 
context of sensory-motor participation in a context which is experienced 
where privacy can be discerned from public. If you are seeing private 
experiences in public (like synchronicity), or public experiences in 
private (like entopic neurological patterns floating in your visual field, 
then you are moving away from realism and physics, and toward intuition, 
delusion, genius and madness. Also infancy, and religion, trance, 
imagination, etc. There need not be such a stigma around these states, but 
they do push off the edge of the human fisheye lens and make a mess. 


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