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   How to describe the Universe as it really is ?
    In his " Scientific Autobiography" Max Planck wrote :
' The outside world is something independent from man,
  something absolute, and the quest for the laws which apply
  to this absolute appeared to me as the most sublime scientific
  pursuit in life. '

  What are these ' laws which apply to this absolute ' world ?
In the beginning Planck wrote, that " From young years....
the search of the laws, concerning to something absolute,
seemed to me the most wonderful task in scientist’s life."
And after some pages Planck wrote again, that
" the search for something absolute seemed to me the
most wonderful task for a researcher."
And after some pages Planck wrote again, that
“ the most wonderful scientific task for me was
searching of something absolute."
And as for the relation between “relativity and absolute”
Planck wrote, that the fact of  " relativity assumes the
existence of something absolute" ;
"the relativity has sense when something absolute resists it.”
Planck wrote that the phrase " all is relative " misleads us,
  because there is something absolute .
And the most attractive thing was for Planck
“to find something absolute that was hidden in its foundation.”
And Planck explained what there is absolute in the physics:
a) The Law of conservation and transformation energy,.
b) The negative 4D continuum,
c) The speed of light quanta,
d) The maximum entropy which is possible
at temperature of absolute zero: T=0K.
I think that these four Planck's points are foundation of science.

Why?  And why do you think science has made no progress since 1947?


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