On 2/13/2013 5:40 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:

    [SPK wrote: ]'reality = best possible simulation".

I just realized how to translate that into my view: "Reality = making the most sense possible." Same thing really. That's why I talk about multisense Realism, with Realism being the quality of maximum unfiltered sense. Since sense is subtractive, the more senses you have overlapping and diverging, the less there is that you are missing. Reality = nothing is missing (i.e. only possible at the Absolute level), Realism = you can't tell that anything is missing from your perceptual capacity/inertial frame/simulation.
Hi Craig,

There is something else that we must discuss in what you wrote! I think that "you can't tell that anything is missing from your perceptual capacity/inertial frame/simulation" has nothing to do with realism at all. We get that illusion of completeness precisely because the necessary conditions for having Sense are met. (This is part of the fixed point stuff.) If you are conscious at all at any level you will automatically not be able to percieve any 'holes' or inconsistencies in your personal 1p 'Sense of all that is", as othe Sense that one has must be have relational closure to some degree, otherwise we have at least one instant infinite regress in one's dictionary of concept relations. This reasoning is a key part of my motivation to claim that 'reality', for any single observer (up to isomorphisms) must be representable as a Boolean algebra: it must be that all of its propositions (when considered as a lattice of propositions) are mutually consistent. This mutual consistency does not come for free, pace Bruno, but is dependent on the resources available to compute the Sense content. One must have a functioning physical brain to think...

A digression: This universal restriction of Boolean algebraic representability on observable content seems to back up that @$$_*)&# Noam Chomsky's universal grammar "law" but I think that the Piraha' people's language <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pirah%C3%A3_language> points out that there can be non-recursive 'bubbles' in a overall global network of recursive relations. (Chomsky's idea that language is causally determined by a genetically determined capacity seems to be the distilled essence of rubbish, in my not so humble opinion btw.)



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