On 2/13/2013 8:09 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:

    [SPK wrote: ]I like the idea of a Matrix universe exactly for that
    reason; it takes resources to 'run' it. No free lunch, even for

You can still have the idea of resources if the universe isn't a simulation though. No particular diffraction tree within the supreme monad can last as long as the Absolute diffraction, so the clock is always running and every motive carries risk.

Right, but since we do have the resources, why not assume that the Matrix is up and running on them already? The fun thing is that if we have both then we have a nice solution to both the mind (for matter) and body (for comp) problems. There can be no 'supreme monad' as such would be equivalent to a preferred frame and basis. The totality of all that exists is not a hierarchy, it is a fractal network.



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