On 2/14/2013 11:20 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

On 13 Feb 2013, at 23:37, Stephen P. King wrote, to Craig Weinberg

Baudrillard is not talking about consciousness in particular, only the sum of whatever is in the original which is not accessible in the copy. His phrase 'profound reality' is apt though. If you don't experience a profound reality, then you might be a p-zombie already.



Here Craig is on the worst slope. It looks almost like " if *you* believe that a machine is not a zombie, it means that you are a zombie yourself".

They will persecuted the machines and the humans having a different opinion altogether.

Craig reassure me. he is willing to offer steak to my sun in law (who get an artificial brain before marriage).

But with Baudrillard, not only my sun in law might no more get his steak, but neither my daughter! Brr...


Dear Bruno,

    Could you re-write this post. It's wording is unintelligible to me. :_(



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