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>> I meant if the table talks to you just like a person does, giving you
>> consistently interesting conversation and useful advice on a wide
>> variety of subjects. Unless it's a trick and there's a hidden speaker
>> somewhere, you would then have to say that the table is intelligent.
>> You might speculate as to how the table does it and whether the table
>> is conscious, but those are separate questions.
>     Who is to say that that table was actually a TV set in the shape of a
> table or a table that had some other means to transmit what would satisfy a
> speech-only Turing test? This goes nowhere, Stathis.

That's why I said "unless it's a trick". The same consideration
applies to anything: how do I know that my neighbour isn't a puppet
manipulated by someone else?

>> I think you're using the word "intelligent" in a non-standard way,
>> leading to confusion. The first thing to do in any debate is agree on
>> the definition of the words.
>     Could you define "intelligence" for us in unambiguous terms? I don't
> recall Craig trying to do that...

I gave an operational definition. One dictionary definition is "the
ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills". It is not
synonymous with consciousness.

Stathis Papaioannou

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