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And here I have to confirm Bruno's Salvia preference: to say DMT is merely some extension of mushrooms and not astonishing, is to confirm that one's method is not yet fully developed, or there is some physiological incompatibility. This is not the case and dissociative states can be achieved with most any classical psychedelic is one doses appropriately. And the same happens with lysergic acid diethylamide, mescaline, psilocybin containing mushrooms etc. the more you engage the less you need. Thus I vote diversity concerning plant or molecular helpers.

Diversity is always welcome, especially for getting "stereo-studies on (altered conscious states). But that's a reason to appreciate also the different effects. Salvia is biochemically very selective, and LSD is not, which explains that on some high dose LSD can be dissociative. But even on low dose the experience can last 12h. Salvia last 4m/10m, at most, on any dose, and so can be done before breakfast at the better moment, you know, when we need to train into believing four of five impossible things :)



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