On 2/18/2013 2:54 PM, John Mikes wrote:
Terren, (without taking the connotation seriously)
*/"... if God did not have a sense of humor, could we exist?..." /*
does that mean: we are just a joke?

    Who would be the one to laugh?

On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 2:47 PM, Terren Suydam <terren.suy...@gmail.com <mailto:terren.suy...@gmail.com>> wrote:

    If God is arithmetical truth, then what if anything is there to be
    said about its "character"? I know from a formal perspective the
    answer is nothing, because nothing formal can be said about truth.

    This is more of an informal question, and comes out of my innate
    desire to anthropomorphize. If we accept the God of comp, and come
    to see our experience as the view from the inside of a particular
    infinity of universal machines, then is there something to be said
    about what corners of arithmetical truth we "must" (or "most
    probably") be in that can help us relate in a more personal sense
    to this god?

    A crude example question might be, if God did not have a sense of
    humor, could we exist?  You could substitute other
    characterizations for other questions.

    Given that we could in principle derive physics from the math of
    the UD - providing a (partial) answer to the measure problem -
    could we not also "solve" for the "character" of God?




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