On 18 Feb 2013, at 20:47, Terren Suydam wrote:

If God is arithmetical truth, then what if anything is there to be said about its "character"?

That it has a lot of imagination, is creative, and probably has some sense of humor. But none of this can be taken literally. Indeed, the notion of truth itself cannot be literal or defined with word, but we can know some part of it. And if we are machine, that is already the case for arithmetical truth (but keep in mind we cannot be sure of that). But that God has sense of humor belongs to G* - G. It is not communicable, and some suffering people can be led astray from God with remark like that. Only people understanding the joke can laugh, in private, for not despairing the others.

I know from a formal perspective the answer is nothing, because nothing formal can be said about truth.

At the metalevel some things can be said, like when ZF develops the "theology" of a simpler Löbian machine like PA. What cannot be done by ZF is the lifting of that theology on herself, without adding the interrogation mark, and doing this in some private way.

This is more of an informal question, and comes out of my innate desire to anthropomorphize. If we accept the God of comp, and come to see our experience as the view from the inside of a particular infinity of universal machines, then is there something to be said about what corners of arithmetical truth we "must" (or "most probably") be in that can help us relate in a more personal sense to this god?

Making God into a person, or a personal person, if I can say, is the role of the soul. It connects the representable beliefs with Truth. So, if someone is courageous enough to accept truth and be in peace with it, he will let God-alias-truth making his personal job at his place. But all that again cannot be made public. It is eventually something highly private (if not there is the risk of, willingly or unwillingly, transforming a terrestrial talk into an authoritative argument: the theological trap). So the personal relation with truth/ god is when you attempt to accept it, and let it, silently, drive you. I think it is something natural, but that has been hidden by the use/ misuse of languages, which leads to many sort of illusions, and truth- departure. That's why soul tends to fall from their universal roots. People believed that they can avoid truth, and some people can believe that their whole life. But that can lead to many problems for those living in their neighborhoods.

A crude example question might be, if God did not have a sense of humor, could we exist?

Ah! I see we agree that God has some sense of humor. Careful with this, because it could look like it might mean that we have some experience, of the type: fundamentally not communicable.

Well, I don't know if we could exist without God having some sense of humor.

You could substitute other characterizations for other questions.

Given that we could in principle derive physics from the math of the UD - providing a (partial) answer to the measure problem - could we not also "solve" for the "character" of God?

Not really, except at some meta-level, by saying that God's character is something that the soul might experience, like when near death, or when suffering, or when doing experiences related to truth and to illusions/desillusions. But nobody can't push people in that direction, as only them can hear and listen to the possible "truth", if they want and are ready.

I think Plotinus is right: God has no will other than the will of the Good willing people. Our connection with Truth is only through our attempt to acknowledge that our beliefs are wrong, when they are wrong. Eventually truth is simple, but it admits arbitrary long detours, which is nice to contemplate, but with the price of the dead end, and some possible hard time.



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