On Monday, February 18, 2013 9:30:49 PM UTC-5, stathisp wrote:
> There is no argument presented in this article. The stock market and brain 
> and indeed most natural systems are chaotic, but that is not the same as 
> being not computable.

Yes, I posted it just to show that someone who works closely with both 
neurology and consciousness professionally comes to the same conclusion 
that I have.  It seems like a handy thing to have when one is accused of 
being ignorant of science or anti-science. It turns out that its only 
prejudice that makes these kinds of accusation in this case.

As far as the stock market being computable, how would you go about 
determining, for instance, whether or not I rebalance my 401k and on what 
day and time?

The brain has the same issue - you can't tell what it is going to do from 
the outside, because the behavior on the outside is often driven by  the 
story going on the inside - which cannot be known unless you too are on the 


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