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>  On 2/18/2013 11:03 PM, Jason Resch wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 3:18 PM, meekerdb <meeke...@verizon.net> wrote:
>>  On 2/18/2013 11:47 AM, Terren Suydam wrote:
>> If God is arithmetical truth, then what if anything is there to be said
>> about its "character"? I know from a formal perspective the answer is
>> nothing, because nothing formal can be said about truth.
>>  This is more of an informal question, and comes out of my innate desire
>> to anthropomorphize.
>>  Why would you suppose that your desire to anthropomorphize is anything
>> other than wishful thinking?  Do you also have a desire to
>> anthropormorphize the periodic table?  the solar system?  the infinitesimal
>> calculus?
>  Within comp, there are many minds that have infinite computations
> resources at their disposal.  They can evolve forever, and approach
> infinite intelligence and knowledge.
> You're just making this up.

I'm not.  Look in the universal dovetailer and you will find such
intelligent processes with unlimited memory and processing at their
disposal, in fact you will find an infinite number of them.

> The evidence is that smarter people tend to have fewer children and so
> evolution doesn't necessary favor intelligence.  It is also quite possible
> that evolution always leads to a stage of species growth which so exploits
> the environment of its planet that is goes extinct within a few hundred
> thousand years.

I don't see how this is an argument against my assertion that there exist
intelligences with infinite computational resources (assuming arithmetical

>  They all explore the same mathematical truth and thus having the same
> data (that of mathematical truth they explore) together with near infinite
> intelligence, they are almost never wrong on any question or matter.  Thus,
> despite possibly different origins, they are all of a like mind, opinion,
> and possibly character.  The number of fundamental questions on which these
> super intelligence disagree goes towards zero as their intelligence goes
> towards infinity.
>  With infinite computational power, these God-like super intelligences
> have the power to save other beings (regardless of what universe the other
> being hails from).  These God-minds are in a position to help, and thus
> responsible for the outcome if they fail to act.  There is much suffering
> of conscious beings in the physical universes.  With infinite computing
> power at their disposal, these super intelligences can determine re-create
> any conscious being from the moment of its physical death and ressurect it
> to a existence of that being's desires.  This is not to say this is what
> they would do, but if it is the right decision to make, then nearly all
> super-intelligences will agree it is the right thing to do and will do it.
> Right by whose measure?

Right according to the minds of the super intelligences.  It is said when
intelligent people disagree it is due to a difference in data.  Well these
intelligences have access to all the same mathematical truth.  If you
define intelligence as the probability of being correct on any given
question, then super intelligent entities ought to always agree, on
questions of math, theories of mind, theology, morality, what's right and
what's wrong, etc.

> If God doesn't love me and mine why should I care what he loves?

Maybe those God(s) do love you.

> When people talk about God-minds deciding what is right I reach for my gun.
That's nice, but it doesn't really add anything to this debate.

>  In this sense, there can be a anthropomorphic character to mathematical
> truth, which comes into existence an infinite number of times and ways but
> in most appearances, behaves similarly to all its other incarnations.
> Brent
> Peter: What would you say if I told you that the universe is
> the creation of an all powerful, all knowing being, who commands
> our obedience and worship.
> Curls: I'd say you were about to take up a collection.
>       --- Johnny Hart, in B.C.

You are clearly prejudiced against they theory which even has the whisper
of what you associate with theories from some religions.  In many cases,
such prejudice might prove helpful but when science/logic lend support for
theological theories this prejeduce becomes anti-scientific.


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