Hi - Roger Clough

Peception -which involves the final, recognition step of epistemology- is 
impossible without the 
Perceiver, which might be thought of as the end entity that stops the infinite 
regress implied by the 
necessity of a homunculus within a homunculus within a homunculus...etc.. 
describes this problem in terms of what he mockingly calls the "Cartesian 
Theater". Dennett 
seems to solve the poblem by a fiat, returning to a monism of the perceiver and 
the flesh of the 
brain. It is not widely known that in thew 17th century, Leibniz had described 
Perceiver as the Supreme Monad, the dominant, only one which which does 
actively perceive, then 
returns the perception to the individual monad whose eyes had taken in the 

No other western philosopher seems to have provided us with such a definite, 
unique solution 
to the problem of perception, which is, in essence, the solution to the 
mind-body problem.

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