Thinking about how information content of a message has an inversely 
proportionate relationship with the capacity of sender and receiver to 
synchronize with each other.

Think of being in a foreign country, seeing a fellow foreigner who is about 
your same age. There is:

   - An implicit pretext for initiating communication.
   - A probable ease of communication, which manifests as:
   -    Words can be used more quickly, fluidly, and precisely.
   -    Non-verbal cues and gestures are optional can project more personal 
   content and less generic content (gestures in conversations with natives 
   are more low level attempts at conveying basic meaning).
   -    A broader and deeper range of common references. You can talk about 
   many things with each other that the natives around you might understand.
   - Fewer words and signs are needed to convey messages.

By this we can see how little of the informing qualities of messages are 
contributed solely by 'information' itself (really formations...the 
in-forming is always a sensory reception and private interpretation.) This 
is important since when we don’t factor in the familiarity of sender and 
receiver - their common cause or history, then we might mistake silence for 
lack of communication, or noise for meaningful messages. If the content of 
some part of of our neural net is like Twitter, we might assume that this 
huge pipe of advertisements and snark that mostly finds no audience is much 
more significant than it is. Once we realize how poor the content is, we 
might be tempted to discount it when the next Arab Spring breaks out.

Even though in so many ways we have become a world of communications 
experts, I would say that we are still in the Dark Ages of understand what 
communication actually is, and how it relates to expression and perceptual 
relativity. Maybe quantum computing will act as a guide for us, albeit 
accidentally, to appreciating our true cosmic inheritance; beneath rules 
and laws, before forms and functions, is the perception and participation 
which all things share to some degree. 

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