The roles of efficient causation and final causation in the double aspect 
theory of mind

The double aspect theory of mind considers the brain and its actions according
to two aspects, the brain and the mind. There is no assignment of causation,
there is only correlation.

Leibniz's metaphysics, on the other hand, allows for two forms of causation.
All bodies have various degrees of each type and his "pre-established harmony"
guarantees that no conflicts result.  

Efficient causation, which is deterministic and therefore not goal-oriented, is 
characteristic of physical objects such as the brain. At the same time, 
the state of the brain or nervous system can cause changes in the mind, such as 
in perception.

Final causation is characteristic of mind, which Leibniz stipulates to be 
present in
various degrees in all bodies, even physical bodies. However, it is present to 
a higher degree
in living bodies, such as living brain, plant life, animals and man. What 
Leibniz calls
"Spirit" what we commonly refer to as soul in human monads, which have 
intellectual faculties. 
He calls Soul the controlling/perceiving feature of  this entity present in 
and plants, and "bare, naked soul" its

The physical body, being in spacetime, is what science, such as thermodynamics 
and the Second Law,
deal with, causation is deterministic and the body is propelled by "efficient" 

The mental or spiritual component of a monad is not physical and so is not 
and not controls by its "perspections" and "appetites", the former being its 
overall state
(where and how it is mentally or spiritually) and the latter its intentions, 
desires, where it 
intends to go next. 

Where it intends to go next, since it is alive, is goal-oriented or purposeful 
to various
degrees, so that most human mental action, such as thinking, must be 
to some extend.

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