On Sunday, March 3, 2013 2:35:10 PM UTC-5, Brent wrote:
> On 3/2/2013 11:56 PM, Stathis Papaioannou wrote: 
> >> So you admit that what you say contradicts the fact that you are 
> >> >intentionally saying it? 
> > "Intentional", as far as I can understand its use in philosophy, is 
> > more or less equivalent to "mental" or "conscious". You seem to take 
> > it as an a priori fact that something that is either deterministic or 
> > random cannot have intentionality. This seems to me obviously wrong. 
> Me too.  Intentionality just consists in having a hierarchy of goals which 
> drive actions.   
> To say something is done intentionally just means it is done pursuant to 
> some goal.  When 
> the Mars rover steers around rock it does so intentionally in order to 
> reach some place 
> beyond which is a higher level goal. 

Goals which drive actions are not necessary nor sufficient to define 

If Jimmy slaps a kid in school, it doesn't matter whether there was a 
hierarchy of goals which drive his actions. If Jimmy suffers from a motor 
coordination disease, and slaps someone because of that, it doesn't matter 
whether the outcome of that action furthers his position in some way 
theoretically, as long as it was the disease making his arms flail around 
rather than a personal action, then the slap is unintentional.

Most things that are done intentionally are not done to serve a goal. We 
might doodle on a piece of paper intentionally for no other reason than 
that we are bored. We waste time and money, we countermand the goals of 
evolution and mechanism to do all kinds of everyday pastimes, like keeping 
up with sports statistics or watching a movie that we've already seen. 
Intention doesn't have to take us anywhere, it is just the way that we 
participate directly in our sensory context.



> Brent 

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