On Monday, March 4, 2013 11:27:21 PM UTC-5, Pierz wrote:
> Really Craig? It invalidates mechanistic assumptions about eyes? I'm sure 
> the researchers would be astonished at such a wild conclusion. All the 
> research shows is brain plasticity in interpreting signals from unusual 
> neural pathways. How does that invalidate mechanism?

It's not that wild of a conclusion. The experiment shows that we cannot 
assume that vision is the result of a passive process that relies on a 
one-way path leading from light to eye to optic nerve to brain. The brain 
actively shows that there is a path leading the other way as well, as the 
whole organism seeks to see through the eye. This shows that there is 
sensory-motor activity going on within the micro-level of the tadpole as 
the rather under-signifyingly termed "plasticity" knows exactly what the 
eyeball is, and finds a way to use it.

Try that with your computer. See what happens when you try plugging a 
microphone into a DRAM slot, or listening to your car radio through the 


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