On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > There is no evidence to support the locality of emotional experience to
> neurochemistry,

Change the brain chemistry and emotions ALWAYS change, change the emotions
and the brain chemistry ALWAYS changes; evidence just doesn't get any
better than that.

 > only that access to such experience is modulated locally.

In other words there is no evidence to support the locality of locality
only that locality is modulated locally. It's crap like that that gives
philosophy a bad name among serious thinkers.

>Local emotion really doesn't make much sense, as molecular shapes have no
> need of any 'emotional' qualities to interact with other molecular shapes.

You're the one who said molecules are conscious not me, so I guess you
think molecules want to mate with other molecules of a certain shape just
like people want to mate with other people of a certain shape. And I remind
you again that this is NOT my idea .

> My point has always been that control passes in both directions. I
> control my brain to an extent, my brain controls me to an extent,

Pressure causes the collision of trillions of gas molecules and the
collision of trillions of gas molecules causes pressure. The word
"pressure" is just shorthand for " the interaction of trillions of gas
molecules" and "I" is just shorthand for "the interaction of trillions of

> Why are these inhibitory neurons inhibiting sneezes at some times and not
> others? Why EXACTLY?

Because sometimes the sum total of all those neurons placed the brain in a
net sneeze state and sometimes the sum total does not; and sometimes a
Turing machine is in one state and sometimes it is not.

> But a brain that takes action to avoid sneezing conforms to the laws of
>> physics and so does a brain that takes action to sneeze all the time, it
>> all depends on how the brain is constructed and there are many ways to do
>> that, all of which which obey the laws of physics.
> > Are you claiming that some brains are constructed physically not to
> sneeze in rooms where stained glass is present?

I am not aware of any brain constructed in that way (although there are
some brains that start a sneeze response in the presence of bright light)
but if there were such a brain its operation would not violate the laws of

>> Evolution has determined that every action involves both excitatory and
>> inhibitory neurons because, depending on the circumstances, sometimes
>> action X is the wise thing to do to get genes into the next generation and
>> sometimes it is not.
> > So these neurons are omniscient?

They say there is no such thing as a stupid question. They're wrong.

 >>>>Then why does the computer display a "unrecognized format" error
>>>> message when they are plugged in wrong but not when they are connected
>>>> correctly?
> >>> Because it is expecting a particular data format.
>> >>So you admit you were wrong and a computer CAN tell if you plug the
>> output of a video camera into the audio input.
> > No, of course not.

Wow what a surprise.

> A data format is a schema of bits and bytes. It represents the encoding
> protocols which are required to be implemented for decoding. IT HAS ZERO TO
> DO with video or audio qualities.

If that's true, if "IT HAS ZERO TO DO with video or audio qualities" then
yes the computer couldn't tell if it was audio or video, but then neither
could you.

  John K Clark

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