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> Question- I also thought determinism  mean't that you could predict where
> and when, a particle could move.

No, determinism and predictability are two different things. In
adeterministic system its
future state depends entirely on its past state, but that doesn't
necessarily mean its predictable. We can make good predictions about the
movements of the planets because a small uncertainty in our knowledge about
the position and velocity that the planets have right now causes only a
small uncertainty about where they will be in the future, but most things
are not like that; you would have to know the present state of a chaotic
system in INFINITE detail to make long range predictions because even the
tiniest error will very rapidly grow and become huge.

> But that Werner Heisenberg, said that you could determine, on, but never
> the other.

Heisenberg said you can find the position of a particle as precisely as you
like, but the more you know about the particle's position the less you know
about the particle's velocity and vice versa. But even if we forget about
Heisenberg we still couldn't make long term predictions because of chaos.

  John K Clark

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