On Mon, Mar 11, 2013  Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Your view is that emotion must be local to the brain

There is no other logical conclusion to make given the FACT that if your
brain chemistry changes your emotions change, AND if your emotions change
your brain chemistry changes.

> There is no evidence to support the locality of emotional experience to
> neurochemistry, only that access to such experience is modulated locally.

Modulated locally? OK so the brain neurochemistry can "modulate" happiness
into sadness and love into hate and fear into calm and consciousness into
unconsciousness, and all Santa Clauses workshop provides is a blank generic
carrier wave. It sounds to me like Santa Clauses workshop is not very
important and is in fact a bit of a bore.

> > so I am trying to ask what role would it possibly serve. How can we
> justify its existence other than just saying "Evolution did it".

Well that's enough because Evolution most certainly did do it, and given
the fact that Evolution can only see behavior and not consciousness the
only logical conclusion to make is that consciousness must be the byproduct
of something that Evolution can see, and intelligence seems to be the best

>>> A data format is a schema of bits and bytes. It represents the encoding
>>> protocols which are required to be implemented for decoding. IT HAS ZERO TO
>>> DO with video or audio qualities.
>> >> If that's true, if "IT HAS ZERO TO DO with video or audio qualities"
>> then yes the computer couldn't tell if it was audio or video, but then
>> neither could you.
> > I can tell if it has video or audio qualities because I experience them
> directly with human perception.

Baloney. If "IT HAS ZERO TO DO with video or audio qualities" then neither
you nor anybody or anything can tell if it is audio or video because it is

  John K Clark

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