On Monday, March 18, 2013 7:57:06 PM UTC-4, Brent wrote:
>  On 3/18/2013 1:02 PM, John Mikes wrote:
>  friends: 
> don't put so much brain-grease into Free Will, please! 
> I'm not.  That's why I was careful to distinguish freedom and the feeling 
> of freedom from will and the feeling of resolve.  We can have them 
> together, but that doesn't make them into one thing.
>  It is the religious mambo-jumbo put into the mind of the poor-believers 
> in ancient times to make them responsible for deeds the powerful disliked - 
> and consequently: make them punishable. 
> I don't think that's right.  The idea of responsibility was taken for 
> granted.  It was only after the development of Newtonian mechanics that the 
> idea that human actions might be deterministic was conceived.  Then "free 
> will" became the reactionary idea to preserve the traditional ideas of 
> resposibility.

"The early Greek atomists such as Democritus (c.460-370 BCE) and Leucippus 
(c. 5th cent. BCE) were the first to see the universe as being purely 
mechanicalistic. The one surviving quote from Leucippus's work asserts a 
universal determinism: "Nothing happens at random, but everything from 
rational principle and of necessity."- 


> Brent

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