The Penrose incomputability issue may be reformulated into a fundamental 

Is the universe a closed system ? Is materialism logically possible ?
Can the observer be part of the measurement ?


The issue of whether the universe is a closed system is raised  
and immediately dismissed:

".1 Extending the Formalism  
Gell-Mann and Hartle independently developed a consistent history formalism  
as a transformation of Feynman's sum-over-histories formulation  
. Quantum  cosmology, their concern, requires a quantum mechanical treatment of 
systems. The universe does not admit of an outside observer.   "

But it seems to me to be impossible to make a measurment if the
observer is part of the sytem being measured. Similarly Aristotle
long ago pointed out the impossibility of universal causation, for 
every cause must have a cause, leading to an infinite regression
of causes.

And so forth. Similarly Consciousness and perception require an observe which is
not part of the system, for conscious ness = subject + object.
Again,, there is the singularity problem of creation. And the uncomfortable 
that creatiion requires a Creator.

r. Roger Clough NIST (ret.) 3/23/2013   
"Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous."  
- Albert Einstein

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