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> What bothers me, though, is precisely what is necessary to do nowadays to
> protect one's reputation.

To protect your scientific reputation you just need to get things right, or
at least don't give experimental evidence that later turns out to be
fraudulently or incompetently obtained.

> Graham Hancock is talking about his personal experiences with ayahuasca.
> Do you believe he is lying?

I don't know if he is a fool or a liar or both nor do I care about Graham
Hancock's claimed subjective experiences.

> I'm not sure what it feels like, but it doesn't feel like freedom.

Mr. Sheldrake is perfectly free to continue peddling his junk science as
much as he likes, its just that the TED organization has judged that his
talk does not meet their minimum quality standards and so will not sponsor
it. If you believe that TED's judgement was in error then you shouldn't
listen to TED talks in the future; I think TED  demonstrated very good
judgement in this matter so I will continue to listen to talks they

  John K Clark

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