On 3/23/2013 3:33 AM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:
One more idea about religión and robots:
A religión can not be hardcoded. Religión implies belief and a belief is something that can be or can be not that way, but anyway the individual is committed to asume it, This is vital for cooperative entities that compite with others or, put another way, when the individuals have different affiliation alternatives. But all ot this complication is meaningles in pure cooperative entities. An example: the CPU and the memory chip of my laptop does not need to meet to repeat aloud the rules of memory transfer - They don´t need to offer sacrifices as a sign of commitment to these rules- They have the memory transfer rules hardcoded. They don't need to enforce them trough rites. Instead, an organized group of people, like a group of free robots need religion, because neither their affiliation neither their rules are hardcoded, so each one need to be sure that each other invest time and effort in learning and accepting the ruules, by means of a form of sacrifice for them. Game theorist would say that the sacrifice makes the collaboration stable.

I think that's true. But people do have some 'hardcoded' ethics. The problem is that they were hardcoded by evolution for people living in small tribal groups. Now people form much bigger societies: cities, states, nations,... So they have built-in ethical values, empathies, sense of fairness, etc that are hard to satisfy living essentially in a society of strangers.

In a robot society there's no reason that the 'hardwired' empathy for example could not extend to all other sentient beings - at least if it was hardwired by us. But once robots reproduce and evolve all bets are off.


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