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> On 3/23/2013 2:49 PM, Platonist Guitar Cowboy wrote:
>> Since you don't believe in anything (which you believe... ;) ),
> There's a difference between believing specific propositions and believing
> *in* something.
Which would be?

>  it is redundant to point out that there are more trustworthy ayahuasca
>> cooks, indeed traveling snake-oil-salesmen (although institutionalizing
>> ayahuasca use is showing its share of problems), than pharma + ethics
>> boards + govt. + medical industry interests blended into this scheme of
>> making medicine more and more expensive for the needing, appropriate
>> patients.
> Sure, and I trust my neighbor more than I do the police; but who should I
> call if I have a burglar?
In good faith you call the institutionalized web of burglars, who will in
99% of cases file it + simply not care, *unless* something/someone
concerning the incident can be politicized.

>  This is pseudo-science and apparently all these interests are working
>> together with a telepathically linked united, benevolent interest to better
>> and help the sick and needy.
> It's not psuedo-science and it's not science - it's commerce.
I beg to differ: it is institutionalized burglary, with a lot of good
people caught up in the web beyond their control making bread and beyond,

Concrete example from pharma these past few years concerning everybody who
buys medication for common cold or flu: Phenylephrine is marketed in the US
and various parts of the world as a nasal decongestant, to avoid meth labs
getting their hands on unlimited amounts of Pseudoephedrine as precursor.

Problem? Phenylephrine doesn't work. Billions of people buying something
that does not perform better than placebo in clinical trials. Without any
efficacy upon yours truly either. Sales are fine, apparently.
Snake-oil-salesman's burglary comes to light every time a scandal in this
area arises.

This isn't commerce. It's burglary, sanctioned by science, state, commerce
etc. Believing this is straight commerce/fair trade between agents in view
of available data is a bet that I give the same odds as betting on
morphogenetic fields.

Nonetheless indeed, who should we call? The risk-averse idiocy result of
all these interests combined: companies, federal regulatory and ethics
boards, the medical industry etc. "compromises itself" into something that
doesn't work to steal cash from a person with cold/flu. Not commerce and
not science in my book.

Existence and efficacy of well-prepared ayahuasca is not debatable to
anybody who has tried + if you need more stronger existential proof then
Dimethyltryptamine is Schedule 1 in the US and equivalent in most
countries, even though we all have some in our metabolism. Strictly
speaking: everybody in every airport and border should be arrested.

Religious exemptions if written into law are not implemented, as the
reports of priests/adherents of concerned South American churches +
religions being arrested continue to appear. All this in the face of
science indicating comparative safety of Dimethyltryptamine over alcohol
and tobacco.


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