On 4/6/2013 10:45 AM, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:
Fingelkurts, A., Fingelkurts, A., and Neves, C. (2010). “Natural World Physical, Brain Operational, and Mind Phenomenal Space-Time”. *Physics of Life Reviews* 7(2): 195-249.


“We would like to discuss the hypothesis that via the brain operational
space-time the mind subjective space-time is connected to otherwise distant physical space-time reality.”

Which just says that you can think about things that are far way.

See Fig 11 where the phenomenal world is in the brain.

I don't see anything in this paper to support Craig's "top down" magic.  They 

According to
OA framework, the phenomenological
architecture of consciousne
ss and the brain’s operational
architectonics correspond with one
another; and they may also sh
are ontological iden
tity. If this
holds true, then we can make another claim that
by reproducing one architect
ure we can observe the
self-emergence of the other. Then, the problem
of producing man-made “machine” consciousness is
the problem of duplicating the whol
e level of operational architect
ure (with its inherent governing
laws and mechanisms) found in the electromagne
tic brain field, which di
rectly constitutes the
phenomenal level of brain organization.

which, except for the assumption that only the electromagnetic field is relevant, sounds just like Bruno's explication of "comp".


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