On 07.04.2013 02:40 Craig Weinberg said the following:
Ok, here's my modified version of Fig 11


I believe that you have understood the paper wrong. The authors literally believe that the observed 3D world is geometrically speaking in the brain.

See for example

Section 3. Space and time in mind, 3.1. Phenomenal space

‘As it was pointed Smythies [333] this phenomenal space may be identical with some aspect of brain space but not with any aspect of external physical space. The same idea was explicitly formulated by Searle [334]: “The brain creates a body image, and pains, like all bodily sensations, are parts of the body image. The pain-in-the-foot is literally in the physical space of the brain.”‘

This immediately leads to Max Velmans paradox {"The real skull (as opposed to the phenomenal skull) is beyond the perceived horizon and dome of the sky."}, see


and to some further possible speculations like

'Another researcher, Kuhlenbeck [335] made an even stronger claim, suggesting that "... physical events and mental events occur in different space-time systems which have no dimensions in common."


On Saturday, April 6, 2013 1:45:12 PM UTC-4, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:

Fingelkurts, A., Fingelkurts, A., and Neves, C. (2010). “Natural
World Physical, Brain Operational, and Mind Phenomenal Space-Time”.
*Physics of Life Reviews* 7(2): 195-249.


“We would like to discuss the hypothesis that via the brain operational
space-time the mind subjective space-time is connected to
otherwise distant physical space-time reality.”

See Fig 11 where the phenomenal world is in the brain.


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