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You'd better look at what biologist say. For example:


“and that the idea of their improving rather than harming
organisms is contrary to the Second Law of Thermodynamics,
which tells us that matter and energy naturally tend toward
greater randomness rather than greater order and complexity.”

Do you like it?

You're referring me to an article on biological evolution by a
guy with a Masters of Art on a Creationist website??

Do YOU like it?

You will find a similar sentence also on an evolutionary website.

That wasn't the question.  The question was do you like it, do you
believe it, can you support it with your own arguments?

No, I do not like it. I have made this example to show what happens when people start mixing the thermodynamic entropy and biology. My note to this was

"I am afraid that this is a misunderstanding. The Second Law tells that the entropy increases in the isolated system. This is not the case with life on the Earth, as energy comes in and go out. In this case, if to speak of a system not far from the stationary state, Ilya Prigogine has proved that then the production of the entropy should be minimal. However, even this could not be generalized to the case when a system is far from equilibrium (this seems to be case with life on the Earth). Hence it is unlikely that the Second Law could help us when one considers evolution problems. In any case, I would recommend you the works of Ilya Prigogine – he was a great thermodynamicist."

Such a statement will be the same. Look for example at

Annila, A. & S.N. Salthe (2010) Physical foundations of
evolutionary theory. Journal of Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics 35:
301-321, http://dx.doi.org/10.1515/jnetdy.2010.019

Which is behind a paywall ($224), and says nothing like that in the

If you type the title in Google, you will find a free version. My comment to this paper is at


You will find a link to a free version there as well.


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