On Sunday, April 14, 2013 7:56:35 AM UTC-4, Roger Clough wrote:
>  One of the great mysteries of liberalism
> is the contradiction in its political stance
> concerning rich corporations.
> On the one hand, it rejects the attempts of conservatives
> to lower corporate taxes.

Liberals see that wealth inequality is a critically important issue in the 

“For every one dollar of assets owned by a single black or Hispanic 
a member of the Forbes 400 has over forty million 

America Split in Two: Five Ugly Extremes of 

> But on the other hand, it
> will bail out rich corporations such as General Motors
> to prevent their failure. 

Whoever is in power is going to support big bailouts, as the conservatives 
proved in 2004 when they supported TARP. 

"Nearly half of Americans incorrectly think President Obama started the the 
bank bailout program, otherwise known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program 
(TARP), a new poll shows. 

Just 34 percent of Americans surveyed by the Pew Research Center correctly 
said that TARP was enacted by the Bush administration. Almost half -- 47 
percent -- think Mr. Obama started the bank bailout, according to the 
survey, conducted July 1-5. There was no partisan divide on the issue." - 


> How's that again ?

>  Dr. Roger Clough NIST (ret.) 4/14/2013 
>  http://team.academia.edu/RogerClough

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