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> wrote: 
> > Think of psychology as being like a language. To tie a language purely 
> to 
> > evolution would be misleading. People do not speak French because the 
> > climate of France or the architecture of the cities compels them to. 
> People 
> > in Quebec do not speak French because there is some geographic 
> equivalence 
> > which is manifested that way as an emergent property. Instead, language 
> has 
> > a completely different propagation, one which has some geographical 
> overlap, 
> > but the more scientific study of language looks at etymology and history 
> - 
> > to influential contributors like Shakespeare. Language is not driven by 
> > public bodies, which have their own history aside from the one we share, 
> but 
> > by private experiences. 
> But language is tied to evolution, since we have evolved the ability 
> to speak, with large parts of the brain dedicated to this function. 

Parrots can speak too.

> The particular language we speak ultimately depends on what random 
> proto-language sounds came out and were associated with objects and 
> concepts. 

Onomatopoeia is not random. Language is the opposite of random sounds, it 
is using sound intentionally to communicate feeling, thought, practical 
execution, etc. Randomness is a myth.


> -- 
> Stathis Papaioannou 

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