Leibniz's God as a software program

In general, for those who have difficulty believing in a personal god. 
Those need not believe in a personal god who created all, but
I think it is imperative that a creator god must have humungous intelligence.
There are difficulties in conceiving of such a god if you think that
matter is primary, because where would any spiritual god come from ?
But not if you are an idealist such as
I am, who believes that matter came from (a cosmic) mind.
This is no more preposterous then that mind comes from matter.
Also, such a singularity god such as Plato's or Leibniz's One is 
not only possible, but necessary. 

Leibniz's God is not an interactive one because he figured
out all of the correct answers (even by hindsight, free will issues)
beforehand in his pre-established harmony. 

So Leibniz's God is not the same as the one debated by many about
the 7 days of creation, Leibniz's God is the god of the
seventh day, who rested asleep on a set of instructions
(like a software program)  harmony, 

Dr. Roger Clough NIST (ret.) 4/25/2013 

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