I am seeing in Dr. Clough's writing, much of the same thing the Einstein  
described in his responses to interviewers or letter correspondents, and also 
 much of the thing, not only Leibniz thought of, but also Spinoza. If I 
remember  correctly, Leibniz never met Benedict (Baruch) Spinoza, but had 
spoken with a  scholar, who traveled to Holland and discussed philosoph of 
religion with  Spinoza.  It also, reflects the writings of Canadian 
John  Leslie, who studied special and general relativity, as well as quantum  
mechanics, and imbued this in his philosophy. Leslie has written books like 
 Universes, and Physical Cosmology and Philosophy, as well as Infinite 
Clough also reminds me of professional, Athiest, and editor, and former  
believer, Michael Shermer, who cleverly, made of joke of Arthur C. Clarke's 
3rd  law: "Any suffiiciently advanced technology is indistinguishable from 
Magic."  Shermer is quoted as saying: "Any sufficiently, advanced ET, is  
indistinguishable from God." Well, maybe, I mean if the ET was the  Creator,  
the cosmos, who am I to be picky, picky, picky? If this is  what it was, 
then it was what it was, and if I don't like this, I can always  write to my 
Congressperson, can't I? 
So if Dr. Clough is correct and the original mind turns out to be a  
softward program, and, yeah, we can ask who coded it, then thats the way it is. 
And yes, this asks more questions then it answers, but that is always the 
case  in science, isn't it? Always more.

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