On Wednesday, May 1, 2013 4:09:03 PM UTC-4, JohnM wrote:
> Bruno asked why I have problems how to figure out *'numbers'*. * *
> In his texts (as I remember and I have no quotes at hand) the "world" can 
> be construed from a large enough amount of numbers in simple arithmetical 
> ways (addition-subtraction). Also: numbers do not mean quantities. 
> If his older post with pegs (II=two, IIII=four etc.) is OK, the 'words' 
> two and four DO mean quantities. If not, as 'numbers' they are meaningless 
> combinations of letters (sounds?) we could call the series any way, as well 
> as e.g.:
> tylba, chuggon, rpais, etc. for 1,2,3 - or take them from any other 
> language (eins,zwei,drei, - egy, kettő, három) as they developed in diverse 
> domains/lifestyles. The 'numbers' would be like "Ding an Sich" (German) 
> however used as qualifiers for quantities if so applied (see Bruno's 'pegs' 
> above). 
> More reasonably sounds the idea of my wife, Maria, who assigns the 
> primitive development of quantities originally to proportions: "larger 
> (amount)" - "smaller (amount)" 

Yes, I think that is a good place to start. Larger and smaller are 
aesthetic qualities - feelings which we use to discern objects from one 
another and changes in objects (the pond is larger after it rains).



> evolving in some thousand centuries into the process of 'counting' the 
> included units. I published on this list my thought for developing the 
> Roman numbering signs. I started with 2 - a PAIR of hands etc. (not with 
> one, which means only the existence) and branching into 5 (as fingers, as 
> in pentaton music) already as 'many'. 
> I still have no idea what description could fit *'number'* in Bruno's 
> usage (I did not study number -  theory - to keep my common sense 
> (agnostic?) thinking free). 
> John Mikes

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