Conservation of momentum in Leibniz's nonphysical world

This is an adaptation of Leibniz's theory of the conservatioon
of momentum. such as when one billiard ball strikes another,
since their monads are ideas, and ideas cannot 
mechanically interact. 

We know that the indirectly changed perceptions of each monad 
continually and rapidly change,  by increments, as in a film
shown on the screen of a movie theater,  Such changes from frame 
to frame occur according to a  pre-established harmony (PEH). 
This change is reflected in the  changed perceptiions of all of the
other monads in the universe.  Each perception is changed according 
to the perspective of any given monad. 

The change appears in the phenomenol world as it ordinarily 

Dr. Roger Clough NIST (ret.) 5/15/2013 
See my Leibniz site at

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