On Tue, May 14, 2013  Roger Clough <rclo...@verizon.net> wrote:

>  In the beginning was the Creator, the One

And so it came to pass that The One asked Himself "why was I there at the
beginning and why was there a beginning at all".  But even though The One
was omniscient He did not know the answer to his own question.

3. The One (1P)  being good, [...]

And thus The One realized that He was misnamed and He was really "The Two"
because the concept of good (and its absence evil) existed independently of
Him and was more important than He was because it was the very cause of him
doing various things.

> the best possible 3P, with the least suffering and evil.

And thus even though The Two was omnipotent He could not prevent one more
child from dieing in agony from bone cancer, the world that we know full of
suffering and pain was the best He could come up with.

> In the world of 3P, [...]  individual  spacetime particles (3p) [...] The
> One (1P)  [...]  the sum of the individual 3p's [...]  the rest of the 3ps
> [...]  the world is 1P + 3P, where 1P is the world of Mind, and 3P [...]
> The world of 3P is the mental representation of 1P [...] Because of 1P, the
> world of 3P [...]  The physical objects of 3P, [...] forwarding the
> contents of 1P [...]  Monads are in 3P  [...]   Thus the world is made up
> of monads.

According to the above It looks more like the world is made up of pee pee.

  John K Clark

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