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If you are monist, that distinction is quite
artificial, because humans have no special status.

They have the special status of being humans.

If you are dualist and anthropomorphic, then you can
absolutize the distinction (but this seems ad hoc to

I don't see what is has to do with dualism.  If you can
distinguish "humans" from "not-humans" then you can
distinguish "made by humans" from "not made by humans". It's
as scientific as any concept: table, chair, tiger, star,

What is a scientific difference between "humans" and
"not-humans"? How would you define it?

What difference does it make?  Why do you have this obsession
with definition of words? Are you going to try to prove a theorem
about humans?

My question was not about strict definitions. My goal was better to
 understand the difference physical vs. mental. I believe that most
 people on this list state that

1) mental is physical

I haven't seen anyone state that.  I'm not even sure what it means.
Does it mean a thought is something that kicks back if you kick it?

A quick search in the archives find a message


that in my view implies "mental is physical":

"I disagree since there are experiments (e.g. healing prayer, NDE tests) that could have provided evidence for these extra-physical phenomena. By their null result they provide evidence against them."

In this context "extra-physical" meant supernatural; and I agree that it is hard to say exactly what is meant by supernatural. Generally it seems to mean something that is contrary to physical theory and has emotional and ethical significance for people.

I might be wrong and it might be interesting to look the archives through more carefully. Well, this was my impression that "mental is physical" was expressed quite often here.

What is expressed often here is that the mental, i.e. thoughts, supervene on physical processes. This is implicit in saying "yes" to the doctor since that is betting that the doctor can provide physical processes on which your consciousness will supervene.

What is the meaning of "mental is physical", I do not know. This would be exactly the goal to understand such a statement better.

Why not just understand it is not true.

The comparison

1) mental vs. physical


2) natural. vs. artificial

could probably help.

Comparison on what measure?


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