On 16.05.2013 18:22 meekerdb said the following:
On 5/16/2013 12:41 AM, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:


I might be wrong and it might be interesting to look the archives
through more carefully. Well, this was my impression that "mental
is physical" was expressed quite often here.

What is expressed often here is that the mental, i.e. thoughts,
supervene on physical processes.   This is implicit in saying "yes"
to the doctor since that is betting that the doctor can provide
physical processes on which your consciousness will supervene.

What is the meaning of "mental is physical", I do not know. This
would be exactly the goal to understand such a statement better.

Why not just understand it is not true.

Let me put is this way. Let us assume that

> mental, i.e. thoughts,
> supervene on physical processes.

Does mental has its own casual power as in strong emergence?

The comparison

1) mental vs. physical


2) natural. vs. artificial

could probably help.

Comparison on what measure?

On casual power of mental.


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