Leibniz's pre-established harmony as the Matrix

Leibniz introduced his Idealism to get away from what he
believed to be the impossibility (as things stood) of mind and matter 
interacting. He gave a logical means to deal with it, 
which is the only logically correct version of the mind-body problem.
Obviously it's complicated, but also opens doors. And he realized
the complication he introduced, said, in effect, "yes, it's okay to
consider bodies interacting in the Newtonian sense. Just don't take it 

His view of God is not one of direct interaction with the world
but one of God at the the same time controlling it-- indirectly controlling it
through the Pre-established Harmony (PEH). God  drew it up as a 
script on the 7th day and then rested--still does.

In this interpretation God is something like a computer program.
If you like, perhaps like the matrix, but following a previous script. 

As to human free will, his PEH allows human free will because he
(in my view) concocted the PEH backwards in time. The PEH 
then knows what you will choose, but doesn't force that action.

Dr. Roger Clough NIST (ret.) 5/18/2013 
See my Leibniz site at

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