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> Frank Tipler, before he became a convinced Christian, has proposed exactly  
> this "resurrection" as a a computer process, in the far future, and 
> basically  faced this ostracism, and still does, by his physicist chums. 
> Pretty 
> much nobody  has followed in his foot steps (who wants a career at a 
> university), plus his  original standard model got consumed by the WMAP 
> survey. An 
> accelerating cosmos  wasn't what was in the theory.

If you read "Physics of Immortality", you will understand why he was
ostracised. As a supposedly scientific book, it is riddled with
errors, and being, by and large, an apology for Christian ideas, is
just plain annoying.

This should not detract from his earlier work - for example, I would
still cite his book with Barrow as the definitive reference for the
anthropic principle, and omega point theory is still interesting
speculation, although less so since results refuting the closed
universe requirement have come in.


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