Daniel Garber, Leibniz: Body, Substance, Monad
Leibniz: Body, Substance, Monad by Daniel Garber
Review by: Justin E. H. Smith 
HOPOS: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy 
of Science , Vol. 1, No. 1 (Spring 2011), pp. 153-157 
Published by: The University of Chicago Press on behalf of the International 
Society for the History of Philosophy of Science 
Article DOI: 10.1086/656672
Article Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.1086/656672

"In this later monadological view, Leibniz has certainly not eliminated the 
complex world of corporeal 
substances, nested in one another to infinity. This world is still very much a 
part of Leibniz抯 picture. 
Indeed, he often (though not always) continues to use the terminology that he 
had used in his earlier writings,
calling its constituents composite substances, compound substances, or even 
corporeal substances. 
But in the monadological metaphysics there is something new, a metaphysical 
sub-basement of simple 
substances added to the earlier view of bugs in bugs, a kind of absolute 
grounding for that world, a domain of 
genuine metaphysical unities that don抰 themselves contain any further unities. "

The above is part of a review. The complete text of the book is given at


Dr. Roger Clough NIST (ret.) 6/11/2013 
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