Leibniz's metaphysics is a model of the emerging global brain

The recent angst over government monitoring of private communications 
may not so much be due to a dastardly 1984-type plot, but a sign that a giant
global brain is emerging all by itself, aided by the growth of world 
and the internet.

Incredibly, this has all been foreseen in Leibniz's model of perception, 
wherein the
world is characterized solely by a vast collection of monads, which are
thought-forms (mental representations of phytsical brains).  
The monads themselves do not perceive directly, but are constantly updated
by the world-perceptions of the most dominant monad (God or the One).
Each monad is thus constantly informed of the activities (perceptions)
of all of the other monads. 

This dominant monad is then the thought-form of the Global Brain,
and because of this,there can only be one ultimate perceiver (God
or the One).

Perhapos the materialists can devise an equivalent explanation of
a global mind, but, at least at this moment, I am unable to do so.

Dr. Roger Clough NIST (ret.) 6/12/2013 
See my Leibniz site at

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