i) No redemption. 

Below in the Kingdom of Earth,  
her firstborn son is gone. 
her redemption is lost. 

Cain ? She cries out. 
?nd where is Abel ? 
And the man I possessed ?  

In the night, Cain stumbles eastward toward Eden,  
Blood on his hands. 

A bolt of lightning splits open a tree nearby  
like a flaming sword,  

On the bloody ground. far behind, 
A body.  

It begins to rain.  


ii) The Night Watch in Bethlehem 

Far above, in the damp night sky 
Among the stars, the glory of angels, the Kingdom of God.... 
but distant thunder. 

Far below, a baby cries in a manger. 
Is this Eve's Savior, returned at last ? 

Surely not in this soiled straw. 

Everything is a puzzle.  

And where is Adam ?  

She is told that He will draw thousands, 
to whom, as to Moses' band of refugees, He will give a sermon. 

But not yet, as did Moses, that He will preach  
that this is not yet the promised kingdom, 
For there, instad of driving away the Romans,  
those that mourn will be blessed with the Kingdom of Heaven.  
Where First is Last. That they shall be blessed with persecution.  
More puzzling, that they should love their enemies. 
The crowd begins to thin.  
iii) The Journey 

They sleep as well as they can 
by the road from Nazareth, 
this scandalous couple-- betrothed, 
but the bride already pregnant, 
and not by the father.  

The world in darkness knows nothing of their journey.  
Nor is that journey itself of importance, the 
world would later discover. 

What will fill the world with hope and joy 
Is the journey from a far star, 
the unseen journey of God to earth. 

iv) Adam's Ghost 
Adam's ghost is there, as is Eve's. 
As they raise the crosses holding three criminals  
and slam them into their holes.  
Limbs pierced with nails. 
Pain and blood. Horror and laughter.  
Entertainment and justice. 
Rightly so, for the man in the center 
had broken the covenants.  
So now we break his body, we drain his blood. 
Life finally leaves his body, and they  
lower it, this so-called King of the Jews. 
But the laughing stops when the sky darkens  
and the earth shakes 
They question each other as lighning shatters  
the darkened skies, 
and hold each other as  
the veil of the Temple is rent in two. 
The ghosts are gone from the shadows. 
- Roger Clough 2011. 

Dr. Roger Clough NIST (ret.) 6/15/2013  
See my Leibniz site at

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