There is another, still better translation of "Das Auge sieht weit, der 
Verstand noch weiter."

It might be also translated as " The eye sees far, but the mind that sees 
further" (sic).

>A message for mind-materialists 
>Das Auge sieht weit, der Verstand noch weiter.  
>Translation: Brains are farther than the eye.  
>English equivalent: The eye looks but it is the mind that sees.  
>Strauss, Emanuel (1994). Dictionary of European proverbs (Volume 2 ed.). 
>Routledge. p. 1175. ISBN 0415096243. 
>Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000] 
>See my Leibniz site at 

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