Looking for energy in all the wrong places. Plato's One vs. zero point energy 
as the ultimate source of energy. 
If  we compare the metaphysics of Aristostle and Plato, 
we see that Aristotle's fundamental level is the bottom 
level of Being,  that of matter.  Plato's metraphysics, on 
the other hand, emerges from the top level of Being, 
Mind or Conscuiousness. 
So far, to my kniowledge at least, nobody has been able  
to extract energy from "zero point energy." So I suggest 
that we look at Plato's One as the ultimate energy source. 
Since there can be only one ultimate source, 
my speculation, guided by the lack of alternatives, 
is that Plato's One or consciousness is the ultimate 
source of energy.  It is the subjective form of Aristotle's mattter.  
Dr.  Roger B Clough  NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000] 
See my Leibniz site at 

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