On 6/25/2013 1:27 PM, Stephen Paul King wrote:
One wonders why this simple observed fact does not percolate down to the masses that continue to spout nonsense that is contrary to the fact. The zero point energy is, at best, electromagnetic in nature and since it is off-mass-shell" cannot contribute to the momentum-energy source of curvature. This also implies that there is no such thing as Planck scale 'foaminess'!

The zero point energy of a field is negative for bosons (like photons) and positive for fermions. The theory predicts _+_hbar*w/2 for each degree of freedom (e.g. 2 for a photon). This is what produces what Weinberg called the "worst prediction in theoretical physics". But if you use the holographic principle and count only the degrees of freedom proportional to the surface area (instead of volume) of the hubble sphere you get an energy density close to the observed dark energy value.


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