Hi Rod Young 2013-6-26,5:18:27

1) I haven't had much sleep lately, so I hope this doesn't sound too crackpot.

2) How about this book -->  Leibniz for Children ?  (it would be in english)

3) It would be fun and educational to boil down leibniz's ideas about the 
illustrate the text and making it simple enough for children to grasp the 
main topics. 

4) By makling it a childrens' book, we wouldn't
be so apt to be seriously criticized by those arrogant 
big shots.----> "It isn't even wrong," said Sarfatti. 

5) And there'd be little text to have to write.

6) Do you know any artists to make the pictures ?
I have a quasi relative up in Baltimore who might like to do it
(even for fun ? dunno).

7) And we could maybe publish it as an android app.

Maybe even turn it into a game.

8) We could model it on children's books about Einstein, see



Here's a possible ordered set of topics (1 on a page or 2 pages, with 

1. Introduction,  pointing out the need for Leibniz in today's world.
For brain science, the universe at large, ab.

2.The pre-established harmony. The living universe. Entelechy is why
the actions of higher beings is goal shaped 

3. With reference to Descartes, and the mind/matter impenetrability issue, 
why monads ?  What is a monad ? 

4. Why must monads be blind and immobile ? What are the three types of soul ? 

5. Changes in monads and the necessity of God or Plato's One to do that.

6. The two types of truth (necessary and contiingent) The neccessary truths
belong to Heaven and God. The contingent truths down here don't always
give us justice.

7. The imperfect, contingent world, the everyday world of science, time and 
This is a mixture of a)  those truths that enhance life are said to be good, 
b) those which like war and disease, which diminish life and so are said to be 

8 Evil and suffering--->No way to make it perfect,l as man has free will to do 
and there are naqtural disasters (tsunamis, tornados, volcanic eruptions, the
evil deeds men can do). 

9 But since God is good, he will act so as to minimize suffering and promote
goodness. We are the more dominant monads and so closest to God, thus prayer 
can act to minimize evil and maximize goodness 

10 We hope for a better world after our body dies (while our sols
are undamaged) 

11.. End or goal oriented causation (life forces)
suggest we are headed back towards God,

Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000]
See my Leibniz site at

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>Roger, so lets write that paper together. What is on your mind. 
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