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Not sure, maybe I am sending this to the wrong expert. I have been studying 
Leibniz for about 3 years (retired, at home) and would like to find practical 
applications to his metaphysics.  His metaphysics ends at a top level, with God 
as the all-seer and all-doer, and below that, his workshop of an infinity of 
passive monads, many representing humans, each of which can be thought of as a 
spreadsheet of data, the principle ones being 1) perceptions. a list of where 
he will go in the future, 2) appetitions. where he would like to go in the 
future, and 3) present perceptions of the rest of the universe, these being 
given not directly but indirectly to him by God in continual rapid fashion.  So 
you can think of a human monad as a computer being fed data of the outside 

His perceptions, to repeat, are given to him by God, they are not direct, but 
they are the reflected (Leibniz uses that word) perceptions of all of the other 
monads  (for now, let's just consider humans) in the universe, but of course 
each from their own point of view. So each monad  knows everything in the 
universe from his own pov, something like a hologram. 
In addition to this each monad must follow a harmonic path pre-established on 
the 7th day of creation, after which God rested
and let his plan unfold. Free will has no effect, because God knew in advance 
what each man would choose (although not causing it).
The question is 1) Would such a calculation be possible allowing that God is in 
eternity and so knows the future ?
2) Is there any way to formulate each person's  next step.

Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000]
See my Leibniz site at

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