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According to Leibniz there are 1) truths of reason and 2) truths of fact.

1) Necessary truth (truths of reason), which if a contraction can be realized,

would have to be:

2) Contingent truth (truths of fact) which may be contradicted in some 

God is a necessary truth (he either is or is not).

Also, I get tired of atheists asking me to prove that god exists
on the basis of physical science, which only gives truths of fact,
so cannot prove or disprove that there is a giod.  

Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000]
See my Leibniz site at

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>Thank you I did not know that it was Leibniz that placed God at the top of set 
>theory. The main problem with ideal is if you have a true statement then true 
>statements can be made about that statement. 
So truth is paradoxical like the set of all sets.If god exists then true 
statements can be made about God. This makes truth and it's subset mathematics 
above God no matter how high God is. What exists in
 this universe is space time mass and several equations that relates them. 
Color or taste are not properties of this universe or even mathematics. So I 
have no problem with God being other than mathematics. I tend not to discuss 
this with the general population. They will respond color prove God exists. OK 
so for so good. But then claim they are gods representatives so there should be 
a capital gains tax cut or what ever their hobby horse is. I'm not going to 
help those who want to control me even those who admit I'm smarter than they 

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