Hey List! (and in particular Bruno)
I have started re-reading the book I mention in the subject line -- after 
languishing in my bookshelf for a number of years, I pulled it out and 
began noticing the uncanny parallels it had with Bruno's UDA, although it 
reaches the same conclusions by some rather different means, notably; it 
postulates God as the thinker of all thoughts, envisioning god in a 
Spinozistic/Platonic light, and (something that from what I have read seems 
absent from the UDA) postulates the 'ethical requiredness' of God as being 
of enough force to bring him into being, thus short-circuiting the old " If 
God exists, what caused him to exist?" type of argument. 
I guess my general question is if any of you are familiar with Leslie's 
work and if so, to what degree, and also if so, to what degree do you find 
it plausible? 
Myself, I seem to be going through a kind of metaphysical conversion of 
sorts, one where, despite the multiplicity of minds/universes, there 
nevertheless seems to be an unspeakable and seemingly permanent unity to 
all things. I'm almost leaning towards Christianity, for the simple reason 
that it seems peculiar and particular enough to just be right and suitable 
to reality. (Reading CS Lewis' 'Mere Christianity' has swayed me in this 
way -- check it out, it's online). 
Forgive the brevity of my remarks... I'd unpack more if there was any 
interest expressed in what I was saying... perhaps I'm not saying anything 
that hasn't already been said.

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