On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 Alberto G. Corona <agocor...@gmail.com> wrote:

>  Religion is about sacrifices.

I know, religion is big on sacrifices, especially Christianity, and that's
the problem. It seems to me that a good rule of thumb is be suspicious of
any religion who's most sacred symbol is a torture device. I suppose if
Jesus had been executed in more recent times people would be wearing little
gold electric chairs on chains around their neck.

> the sacrifice of Christ free us from our own sacrifices.

So God was so mad at the entire human race (because one of its members ate
an apple when told not to) that he was prepared to torture every single one
of them for an infinite number of years (but he loves you). And the only
way to prevent this is for God to forgive humanity, but even though God can
do anything the only way He could make Himself forgive humanity is for
humanity to torture His son (who is really Himself) to death.

The one and only reason that millions of adult and otherwise sane human
beings believe the above load of crap is because mommy and daddy told them
that from before they were properly potty trained. And that is why the
devote are so keen on early religious training for children, it is the only
way to get over the giggle factor.

  John K Clark

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