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>> I did use the term "rational" perhaps inappropriately. I meant that
>> some aesthetic choices have evolutionary utility and others not.
>> Nevertheless, all aesthetic choices must be determined by the physics
>> of our brain, unless they are determined by something else, such as an
>> immaterial soul.
> If aesthetic choices were determined by physics of our brain then pure sugar
> would look magical and gold would look like dirt. Aesthetics are not
> determined. Or they would both look like mosaics of neurochemical bonds. I
> say 'look', but of course if aesthetics were driven by physics alone,
> nothing could 'look' like anything, no more than the positions of the beads
> of an abacus can smell like something.
> The universe is an aesthetic agenda. Existence is that which seeks to feel
> better, be more. Biology speeds it up in a microcosmic recapitulation is
> all, and human beings represent an even more radical experiment in what I
> call solitrophy.


If a dog started talking in full English sentences without
manipulation by an outside force the explanation must be in the
physics of its body. I don't think this statement is either clever or
controversial. And if the physics of the dog's body is computable then
it should be possible to make an artificial dog controlled by a
computer that talks in full English sentences just like the real dog.
I don't think that statement is either clever or controversial either.
It can be seen to be true in the absence of any understanding of dog

Stathis Papaioannou

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